Degrees of Separation @ SPACE

Really excited to show a pair of diptychs and my most recent collaborative work with Carlene Muñoz at SPACE in Pittsburgh for a show entitled Degrees of Separation. A beautifully crafted statement by curator Kristen Letts-Kovak: 

“Inherent to all connections is a degree of separation. No matter how close, there is a distinction: between self and other, present and past, or observed and experienced. This break divides the physical from the synthesized. It may be an abrupt change or a blurry partition, but ultimately, replication can be partial only. 

This exhibition is a meditation on distance. Collectively, these artists’ works span spiritual, mental, and physical distance-- drawing attention to the moments where we are simultaneously connected yet remain distinct.”

 1 of 2 (diptych) from  Home Studies , 2009

1 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009

 2 of 2 (diptych) from  Home Studies , 2009

2 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009