Summer 2017

I'll be spending this summer in Puerto Rico photographing again. On the heels of the May 1st protests and with the upcoming plebiscite on June 11th, the world is watching to see how PR negotiates this illegal debt. The island is bleeding... 



Boricua Archives

I'm finally looking through the negatives from Puerto Rico... I'm excited to be showing at the NWSA college gallery next month to test/install some of these new images from my trip and research. W.E.B DuBois and Alan Sekula are on loop these days for me as I explore the potential of reclaiming archives and revisit the FSA images of Jack Delano—working through my own responses as a Diasporican. 



José in Hato Rey

While I was in PR, I met an amazing activist named José in Hato Rey. He was a part of the protest downtown against the Fiscal Control Board. He had been camping along with others in a tent for several days near the courthouse...tired but, determined to be heard. He told me of the privatization on the island and the ways in which Puerto Rico's colonial status has hurt generations of Boricuas. He said when they rally to have a voice, they are often suppressed from speaking. 

"I was born of a Puerto Rican mother, and they will have to physically remove me from this place if they want me to be silent."


José has a daughter who lives in the states named Tamara...


Processing film, processing thoughts, processing feelings... from my trip to Puerto Rico.

Feral Paso Fino horses roam free over parts of Vieques. They are descended from stock originally brought by European colonisers. Here, they gather at a condemned shopping mall on the island.

Mother's Day

in our own ways we all break. it is okay to hold your heart outside of your body for days. months. years. at a time. heal. 
—Nayyirah Waheed


Degrees of Separation @ SPACE

Really excited to show a pair of diptychs and my most recent collaborative work with Carlene Muñoz at SPACE in Pittsburgh for a show entitled Degrees of Separation. A beautifully crafted statement by curator Kristen Letts-Kovak: 

“Inherent to all connections is a degree of separation. No matter how close, there is a distinction: between self and other, present and past, or observed and experienced. This break divides the physical from the synthesized. It may be an abrupt change or a blurry partition, but ultimately, replication can be partial only. 

This exhibition is a meditation on distance. Collectively, these artists’ works span spiritual, mental, and physical distance-- drawing attention to the moments where we are simultaneously connected yet remain distinct.”

1 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009

1 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009

2 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009

2 of 2 (diptych) from Home Studies, 2009

St. Lucy | One Picture/ One Paragraph

A photograph from my series She Leaves Behind and a small written excerpt entitled Homecoming will be featured on Mark Durant's art blog Saint Lucy this month in the One Picture/One Paragraph section.  I am such a fan of Mark's work and writing— it was a privilege to be able to contribute!

MFA Thesis Exhibition

I am pleased to announce that I'll be graduating from the  Maryland Institute College of Art this July with 9 of my colleagues.  My work will be featured in the main gallery in the Fox Building with Davin Watne. Look for more details in your mailbox or contact me for a limited edition mailed invitation.

Capture | Cliché

Simultaneously reading Deleuze’s definition of cliche as  “limiting the essence of something” and Barthe’s definition of photography as a tool that captures “what we cannot repeat existentially…”